Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1720

Chapter 77


Collection of taxes, personal; levy and return of distress warrants; fees and commissions; mileage.

All fees allowed for issuing distress warrants, levy, and return of the warrants, in the cases above provided, shall be two dollars for issuing each warrant, one dollar for levy, and mileage at the rate provided in section 33-117 for county sheriffs for each mile actually and necessarily traveled by such officer on each warrant. When the officer has more than one warrant in his or her hands for service, he or she shall charge only for the mileage actually and necessarily traveled in serving all of the warrants, in which case the mileage so charged shall be prorated among such warrants. Commission shall be allowed in addition on all taxes collected by distress and sale as follows: On all sums not exceeding one hundred dollars, ten cents on each dollar; and on all sums exceeding one hundred dollars, eight cents on each dollar. All fees, mileage, and commissions shall be taxed to the parties against whom the distress warrants run and shall be collected as the original tax. When the taxes are not collected by distress and sale, the mileage shall be paid as provided in section 33-117. When mileage has been paid as provided in section 33-117 and the tax, together with all fees, mileage, and commission are collected, then the amount collected as mileage shall be paid to the county treasurer with the fees and commission and credited by the county treasurer to the general fund of the county.


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  • Under former law, sheriff could not charge fee for a return upon distress warrant, "No property found". Red Willow County v. Smith, 67 Neb. 213, 93 N.W. 151 (1903).

  • Collector has no right to charge commission unless he has made distress and sale. Kane v. Union P. R. R. Co., 5 Neb. 105 (1876).