Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1631

Chapter 77


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Property Tax Request Act:

(1) Allowable growth percentage means a percentage equal to the sum of (a) two percent plus (b) the political subdivision's real growth percentage;

(2) Excess value means an amount equal to the assessed value of the real property included in a tax increment financing project minus the redevelopment project valuation for such real property;

(3) Property tax request means the total amount of property taxes requested to be raised for a political subdivision through the levy imposed pursuant to section 77-1601;

(4) Real growth percentage means the percentage obtained by dividing (a) the political subdivision's real growth value by (b) the political subdivision's total real property valuation from the prior year;

(5) Real growth value means and includes:

(a) The increase in a political subdivision's real property valuation from the prior year to the current year due to (i) improvements to real property as a result of new construction and additions to existing buildings, (ii) any other improvements to real property which increase the value of such property, (iii) annexation of real property by the political subdivision, and (iv) a change in the use of real property; and

(b) The annual increase in the excess value for any tax increment financing project located in the political subdivision;

(6) Redevelopment project valuation has the same meaning as in section 18-2103; and

(7) Tax increment financing project means a redevelopment project as defined in section 18-2103 that is financed through the division of taxes as provided in section 18-2147.