Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1214

Chapter 77


Taxable tangible personal property; attempted sale, levy, or removal; notice to treasurer; collection of taxes due; acceleration of due date; issuance of distress warrants.

It shall be the duty of any county assessor, sheriff, constable, city council member, and village trustee to at once inform the county treasurer of the making or attempted making of any sale, levy of attachment, or removal of taxable tangible personal property known to him or her. It shall be the duty of the county treasurer to forthwith proceed with the collection of the tax when such acts become known to him or her in any manner. Any personal property tax shall be due and collectible, including all taxable tangible personal property then assessed upon which the tax shall be computed on the basis of the last preceding levy, and a distress warrant shall be issued when (1) any person attempts to sell all or a substantial part of his or her taxable tangible personal property, (2) a levy of attachment is made upon taxable tangible personal property, or (3) a person attempts to remove or removes taxable tangible personal property from the county.


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