Nebraska Revised Statute 77-118

Chapter 77


Nebraska adjusted basis, defined; trade in of property; how treated.

(1) Nebraska adjusted basis shall mean the adjusted basis of property as determined under the Internal Revenue Code increased by the total amount allowed under the code for depreciation or amortization or pursuant to an election to expense depreciable property under section 179 of the code.

(2) For purchases of depreciable personal property occurring on or after January 1, 2018, if similar personal property is traded in as part of the payment for the newly acquired property, the Nebraska adjusted basis shall be the remaining federal tax basis of the property traded in, plus the additional amount that was paid by the taxpayer for the newly acquired property.


  • The basis as defined by section 1012 of the Internal Revenue Code in turn composes the Nebraska adjusted basis under this section, which then composes the net book value under subsection (1) of section 77-120. Mid City Bank, Inc. v. Douglas Cty. Bd. of Equal., 260 Neb. 282, 616 N.W.2d 341 (2000).

  • Under section 1012 of the Internal Revenue Code, the basis of property is its cost to the taxpayer. Pfizer Inc. v. Lancaster Cty. Bd. of Equal., 260 Neb. 265, 616 N.W.2d 326 (2000).