Nebraska Revised Statute 76-842

Chapter 76


Declaration; contents.

(a) The declaration for a condominium must contain:

(1) the name of the condominium, which must include the word condominium or be followed by the words a condominium, and the name of the association;

(2) the name of every county in which any part of the condominium is situated;

(3) a legally sufficient description of the real estate included in the condominium;

(4) a statement of the anticipated number of units which the declarant reserves the right to create, subject to an amendment of the declaration to add more units pursuant to the Nebraska Condominium Act;

(5) a description of the boundaries of each unit created by the declaration, including the unit's identifying number;

(6) a description of any limited common elements, other than those specified in subdivision (b)(8) of section 76-846;

(7) a general description of any development rights and other special declarant rights defined in subdivision (23) of section 76-827 reserved by the declarant;

(8) an allocation to each unit of the allocated interests in the manner described in section 76-844;

(9) any restrictions on use, occupancy, and alienation of the units;

(10) for a condominium project with more than fifteen units, exclusive of common area, a plan prepared by a licensed engineer or architect for the preventive maintenance of the condominium and all common elements therein, including, but not limited to, depreciation studies and reserve analyses, an annually updated five-year capital plan, and minimum financial reserves based on the reserve analyses; and

(11) all matters required by sections 76-843 to 76-846, 76-852, and 76-853, and subsection (d) of section 76-861.

(b) Except as otherwise provided in section 76-856, the declaration may contain any other matters the declarant deems appropriate.