Nebraska Revised Statute 76-543

Chapter 76


Examination; certificate of registration; issuance; reapplication procedure.

The board shall prescribe a written examination to determine the proficiency of the applicant. If the applicant passes the examination and meets the other requirements of section 76-542, the board shall issue a certificate of registration designating him or her to be a registered abstracter. If the abstracter has more than one place of employment, the abstracter shall obtain a duplicate certificate of registration for each additional place of employment. A certificate shall be prominently displayed at each place of employment of such abstracter. If an applicant fails the examination, he or she may reapply for registration by remitting the examination fee. The board shall give the examination at least twice a year.



  • "Preparing written reports of title to real property" constitutes the "business of abstracting" for purposes of the Abstracters Act only when done in exchange for a fee or other valuable consideration. So construed, the Abstracters Act is not unconstitutionally overbroad on its face. State v. Rabourn, 269 Neb. 499, 693 N.W.2d 291 (2005).