Nebraska Revised Statute 76-298

Chapter 76


Sections; applicability.

Sections 25-207, 25-213, 40-104, and 76-288 to 76-298 shall not be (1) applied to bar (a) the rights of any lessor or his successor as reversionary of his right to possession on the expiration of any lease by reason of failure to file the notice herein required; (b) the rights of any remainderman upon the expiration of any life estate or trust created before the recording of deed of conveyance as set out in section 76-288; (c) rights founded upon any mortgage, trust deed, or contract for sale of lands which is not barred by the statute of limitations; or (d) conditions subsequent contained in any deed; nor (2) deemed to affect the right, title or interest of the State of Nebraska, or the United States, in any real estate in Nebraska.


  • Laws 1947, c. 243, § 10(2), p. 766.