Nebraska Revised Statute 76-275.03

Chapter 76


Vacation of street or alley for more than ten years; effect of conveyance of adjoining platted lots.

After one year from May 18, 1957, when (1) all or part of an adjoining street, avenue, or alley has been duly vacated under the applicable laws that all or a portion of such vacated street, avenue, or alley reverted to the owner of the adjoining platted lot, (2) a deed or deeds executed subsequent to such vacation and covering such platted lot have been of record more than ten years, and (3) there has been filed of record no instrument purporting to establish a contrary intent, the deed or deeds to the platted lot, without describing the vacated street, avenue, or alley, shall be irrevocably deemed to constitute a conveyance of the platted lot together with the reverted portion of such vacated street, avenue, or alley.


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  • Laws 1963, c. 431, § 1, p. 1447.

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