Nebraska Revised Statute 76-2240

Chapter 76 Section 2240


Complaints; hearing; decision; order; appeal.

(1) The administrative hearing on the allegations in the complaint filed pursuant to section 76-2239 shall be heard by a hearing officer at the time and place prescribed by the board and in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. If, at the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer determines that the credential holder is guilty of the violation, the board shall take such disciplinary action as the board deems appropriate. Disciplinary actions which may be taken shall include, but not be limited to, revocation, suspension, probation, admonishment, letter of reprimand, and formal censure, with publication, of the credential holder and may or may not include an education requirement. Costs incurred for an administrative hearing, including fees of counsel, the hearing officer, court reporters, investigators, and witnesses, shall be taxed as costs in such action as the board may direct.

(2) The decision and order of the board shall be final. Any decision or order of the board may be appealed. The appeal shall be on questions of law only and otherwise shall be in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.


Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.