Nebraska Revised Statute 76-2222

Chapter 76 Section 2222


Real Property Appraiser Board; created; members; terms; compensation; expenses.

(1) The Real Property Appraiser Board is hereby created. The board shall consist of five members. One member who is a certified real property appraiser shall be selected from each of the three congressional districts, and two members shall be selected at large. The two members selected at large shall include one representative of financial institutions and one licensed real estate broker who also holds a credential as a licensed or certified real property appraiser. The Governor shall appoint the members of the board.

(2) The term of each member of the board shall be five years. Upon the expiration of his or her term, a member of the board shall continue to hold office until the appointment and qualification of his or her successor. No person shall serve as a member of the board for consecutive terms. Any vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment. The Governor may remove a member for cause.

(3) The members of the board shall elect a chairperson during the first meeting of each year from among the members.

(4) Three members of the board shall constitute a quorum.

(5) Each member of the board shall receive a per diem of one hundred dollars per day (a) for each scheduled meeting of the board or a committee of the board at which the member is present and (b) actually spent in traveling to and from and attending meetings and conferences of the Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials and its committees and subcommittees or of The Appraisal Foundation and its committees and subcommittees, board committee meetings, or other business as authorized by the board.

(6) Each member of the board shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incident to the performance of his or her duties under the Real Property Appraiser Act and Nebraska Appraisal Management Company Registration Act as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177.


Cross References

  • Nebraska Appraisal Management Company Registration Act, see section 76-3201.