Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1708

Chapter 76


Time-share estate program; instruments; management and operation provisions; enumerated.

The time-share instruments for a time-share estate program shall prescribe reasonable arrangements for management and operation of the time-share program and for the maintenance, repair, and furnishing of units, which shall include, but not be limited to, provisions for the following:

(1) Creation of an association of time-share estate owners;

(2) Adoption of bylaws for organizing and operating the association;

(3) Payment of costs and expenses of operating the time-share program and owning and maintaining the units;

(4) Employment and termination of employment of the managing agent for the association;

(5) Preparation and dissemination to owners of an annual budget and of operating statements and other financial information concerning the time-share program;

(6) Adoption of standards and rules of conduct for the use and occupancy of units by owners;

(7) Collection of assessments from owners to defray the expenses of management of the time-share program and maintenance of the units;

(8) Comprehensive general liability insurance for death, bodily injury, and property damage arising out of, or in connection with, the use of units by owners, their guests, and other users;

(9) Methods for providing compensating-use periods or monetary compensation to an owner if a unit cannot be made available for the period to which the owner is entitled by schedule or by confirmed reservation except for unavailability as a result of acts of nature;

(10) Procedures for imposing a monetary penalty or suspension of an owner's rights and privileges in the time-share program for failure of the owner to comply with provisions of the time-share instruments or the rules of the association with respect to the use of the units. An owner shall be given notice and the opportunity to refute or explain the charges against him or her in person or in writing to the governing body of the association before a decision to impose discipline is rendered except in the case of delinquent payment of assessments, in which case an owner's rights and privileges for use of the accommodations and facilities of the time-share program, including the owner's guests, lessees, and third parties receiving use rights through a nonaffiliated exchange program, may be suspended by no less than thirty days' written notice after the date the assessment is due to the owner, stating the total amount of any delinquency which then exists, including any accrued interest or late charges permitted to be imposed under the terms of the time-share program. The notice shall clearly state that the owner and those claiming under the owner will not be permitted to use the owner's time-share period or to make a reservation in the time-share program's reservation system, or that any confirmed reservation may be canceled as applicable, until the total amount of such delinquency is satisfied in full or until the owner produces satisfactory evidence that the delinquency does not exist. Suspension of a third party receiving use rights through an affiliated exchange program shall only be suspended upon additional notice to the affiliated exchange program within a reasonable time that protects the third party's rights to make alternate reservations;

(11) Employment of attorneys, accountants, and other professional persons as necessary to assist in the management of the time-share program and the units; and

(12) Maintenance of a list of the names and mailing addresses of all current time-share estate owners in the time-share program and procedures to have the association promptly mail materials to all persons on such list upon a written request by a time-share estate owner if the purpose of the request is to advance legitimate association business, including proxy solicitation. The association may require the actual costs of performing the mailing to be paid in advance by the person requesting the mailing.