Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1495

Chapter 76


Landlord; prohibited acts.

A landlord may not:

(1) Deny rental on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin;

(2) Require any person, as a precondition to renting, leasing, or otherwise occupying or removing from a mobile home space in a mobile home park, to pay an entrance or exit fee of any kind unless for services actually rendered or pursuant to a written agreement. A landlord may restrict the movement of mobile homes to reasonable hours and may require that all work in connection with the removal or installation of a mobile home, including, but not limited to, the hookup or disconnection of utilities, be done in a good and workmanlike manner;

(3) Deny any resident of a mobile home park the right to sell that person's mobile home at a price of his or her own choosing. The tenant shall, prior to selling the mobile home, give notice to the landlord, including, but not limited to, the name of the prospective purchaser. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the landlord may reserve the right to approve or disapprove the prospective purchaser of the mobile home as a tenant within ten days after receiving notice of the intended sale. Any disapproval shall be in writing and shall be delivered to such tenant pursuant to section 76-1474. The landlord shall not unreasonably refuse or restrict the sale by a tenant of a mobile home located in his or her mobile home park, but the landlord may consider the size, ages, and composition of the prospective purchaser's family in determining if the mobile home purchaser may leave the home in the park. The landlord may also, in order to upgrade the quality of the mobile home park, prescribe reasonable requirements governing the age, physical appearance, size, or quality of the mobile home. In the event of a sale to a third party or mutual termination of the rental agreement, the landlord may within ten days after receiving written notice of the pending sale or mutual termination require that any mobile home that is no longer appropriate for the mobile home park or that is in disrepair be repaired to the landlord's satisfaction or removed from the park within sixty days. The landlord shall specify in writing the reasons for disapproval of the mobile home;

(4) Exact a commission or fee with respect to the price realized by the tenant selling the mobile home, unless the park owner or operator has acted as agent for the mobile home owner pursuant to a written agreement; or

(5) Require a tenant to furnish permanent improvements which cannot be removed by the tenant without damage to the mobile home or mobile home space at the expiration of the rental agreement.