Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1104

Chapter 76


Prior mortgages of corporation; validity.

Nothing in sections 76-1101 to 76-1104 or in the Uniform Commercial Code shall impair the validity or effectiveness against third parties of any mortgage of real property, or of both real property and goods, including fixtures alone, heretofore made by a corporation which is a railroad, or by any corporation including public corporations engaged in the furnishing of electric or telephone service if such mortgage or security interest was recorded or filed or perfected in accordance with the law of this state prior to the effective date of the Uniform Commercial Code, and such law shall govern the continued effectiveness and enforcement of such mortgages and security interests with respect to all property covered thereby whether acquired by such corporation before or after such date.


  • Laws 1965, c. 452, § 4, p. 1435.

Cross References

  • Effective date of the Uniform Commercial Code, see section 10-101, Uniform Commercial Code.