Nebraska Revised Statute 75-801

Chapter 75


Prior license, certificate, permit, authorization; remain in force until their expiration; rights of parties not affected.

No license, certificate, permit, or other authorization in force on October 19, 1963, shall be invalidated by the passage of sections 75-101 to 75-801, but all such shall remain in force until their expiration under the terms of the law in effect at the time of their original issuance or until their renewal, surrender, suspension, or revocation under the provisions of sections 75-101 to 75-801. No rights, privileges, or immunities vested or accrued by and under prior statutes repealed by sections 75-101 to 75-801, no suits pending, no proceedings pending before the commission, no rights of action conferred, and no duties, restrictions, liabilities, or penalties imposed or required by and under such statutes shall be impaired, diminished, or affected by the repeal thereof.


  • Laws 1963, c. 425, art. VIII, § 1, p. 1429.