Nebraska Revised Statute 75-719

Chapter 75


Specified electrical transmission lines; construction requirements; applications; exceptions; line extension; delayed application; procedure.

An electrical transmission line for which application is required under section 75-710 will have complied with all the requirements of section 75-710 when built in accordance with the order and specifications of the commission for the construction of a line giving reasonable protection to existing lines. A separate order and set of specifications shall be issued covering the construction of each transmission line or addition thereto. No application need be made to the commission for authority to construct a customer's primary service connection between an existing electric transmission line on either side of a highway and a customer's transformer location. The construction of such a primary service connection shall conform to the requirements of law and the rules and regulations of the commission and shall be used for a customer's service only no part of which shall be along or on a section line, public road, or property owned by another party. A line extension not to exceed one-half mile in length, for which application is required under section 75-710, may be built from an existing electric transmission line prior to obtaining approval of such extension by the commission if all the owners or operators of existing electrical or communication lines, or railroad signal lines located within the respective distances described in section 75-710, and the Director of Aeronautics, if required by sections 75-713 and 75-714, consent to such construction. The construction of such line extension shall conform to the requirements of law and the rules and regulations of the commission. Within thirty days after the construction of such a line extension, an application shall be made for construction of such extension as required in other cases and shall be referred to as a delayed application. All provisions of law relating to electric transmission line applications, notices, hearings, and orders shall apply to such delayed application. Neither the fact that the line extension has been built nor the consent thereto given by owners of other lines shall affect in any way the conclusion or authority of the commission. If it is finally determined that the application should be denied because the line does not comply with law, the owner shall remove the line extension.


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