Nebraska Revised Statute 75-386

Chapter 75


Division of Motor Carrier Services; duties.

The Division of Motor Carrier Services shall:

(1) Foster, promote, and preserve the motor carrier industry of the State of Nebraska;

(2) Protect and promote the public health and welfare of the citizens of the state by ensuring that the motor carrier industry is operated in an efficient and safe manner;

(3) Promote and provide for efficient and uniform governmental oversight of the motor carrier industry;

(4) Promote financial responsibility on the part of motor carriers operating in and through the State of Nebraska;

(5) Administer all provisions of the International Fuel Tax Agreement Act, the International Registration Plan Act, and the unified carrier registration plan and agreement pursuant to sections 75-392 to 75-3,100;

(6) Provide for the issuance of certificates of title to apportioned registered motor vehicles as provided for by subsection (6) of section 60-144; and

(7) Carry out such other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Legislature.

Cross References

  • International Fuel Tax Agreement Act, see section 66-1401.
  • International Registration Plan Act, see section 60-3,192.