Nebraska Revised Statute 75-303.02

Chapter 75


Contracts for transportation; requirements.

(1) The Department of Health and Human Services or any agency organized under the Nebraska Community Aging Services Act may contract for the transportation of clients with a contractor which does not hold a certificate or which is not otherwise exempt under section 75-303 only if:

(a) The proposed contractor is the individual who will personally drive the vehicle in question;

(b) The only compensation to the contractor for the transportation is paid by the department at a rate no greater than that provided for reimbursement of state employees pursuant to section 81-1176 for the costs incurred in the transportation; and

(c)(i) There is no regulated motor carrier serving the area in which the client needs transportation, (ii) the regulated motor carrier serving the area is incapable of providing the specific service in question by its own written statement or as determined by the commission upon application of the regulated motor carrier or the department, or (iii) the regulated carrier cannot or will not provide such service at the rate specified in subsection (2) of section 75-303.03.

(2) This section does not apply to a regulated motor carrier holding a designation of authority issued pursuant to subsection (3) of section 75-311.


Cross References

  • Nebraska Community Aging Services Act, see section 81-2201.