Nebraska Revised Statute 72-240.19

Chapter 72


Permitted improvements and growing crops of lessee; appraisers; valuation; appeal.

(1) Appeals from the valuation set by the board of appraisers may be made by either party in the same manner as appeals from the award of a board of appraisers in condemnation proceedings as governed by sections 76-715 to 76-721. Those provisions shall apply as if the board is the condemner and the lessee is the condemnee.

(2) No bond shall be required of the board to cover the value to the land of the permitted improvements and growing crops found by the appraisers during the appeal.



  • Trial court is without authority to fix appraiser's fees and attorney's fees to be taxed against the Board of Educational Lands and Funds. Pettijohn v. State Board of Educational Lands and Funds, 204 Neb. 271, 281 N.W.2d 901 (1979).