Nebraska Revised Statute 71-957

Chapter 71


Proceedings shall be of record; reporter; expenses and fees.

All proceedings held under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act or the Sex Offender Commitment Act shall be of record, and all oral proceedings shall be reported verbatim by either a qualified shorthand reporter or by tape-recording equipment equivalent in quality to that required in county courts by section 25-2732. The written findings of the mental health board shall be part of the subject's records and shall be available to the parties in the case and to the treatment facility where the subject is receiving treatment pursuant to a commitment order of the mental health board under section 71-925 or 71-1209. Any qualified shorthand reporter who reports proceedings presided over by a board or otherwise than in his or her capacity as an official district court stenographic reporter shall apply to the court for reasonable expenses and fees for services performed in such hearings. The court shall fix reasonable expenses and fees, and the county board shall allow payment to the reporter in the full amount fixed by the court.


Cross References

  • Sex Offender Commitment Act, see section 71-1201.