Nebraska Revised Statute 71-8245

Chapter 71 Section 8245


Onsite reviews; applicant; duties; confidentiality; fees.

(1) As part of the process to designate and renew the designation of hospitals and health care facilities as advanced, basic, comprehensive, or general level trauma centers, the department may contract for onsite reviews of such hospitals and health care facilities to determine compliance with required standards. As part of the process to designate a health care facility as a general, an intermediate, or an advanced level rehabilitation center or a specialty level burn or pediatric trauma center, the applicant shall submit to the department documentation of current verification or accreditation.

(2) Members of onsite review teams and staff included in onsite visits shall not divulge and cannot be subpoenaed to divulge information obtained or reports written pursuant to this section in any civil action, except pursuant to a court order which provides for the protection of sensitive information of interested parties, including the department:

(a) In actions arising out of the designation of a hospital or health care facility pursuant to section 71-8244;

(b) In actions arising out of the revocation or suspension of a designation under such section; or

(c) In actions arising out of the restriction or revocation of the clinical or staff privileges of a health care provider, subject to any further restrictions on disclosure that may apply.

(3) Information that identifies an individual patient shall not be publicly disclosed without the patient's consent.

(4) When a medical facility requests designation for more than one service, the department may coordinate the joint consideration of such requests. Composition and qualification of the designation team shall be set forth in rules and regulations adopted under the Statewide Trauma System Act. Reports prepared pursuant to this section shall not be considered public records.

(5) The department may establish fees to defray the costs of carrying out onsite reviews required by this section, but such fees shall not be assessed to health care facilities designated as basic or general level trauma centers.

(6) This section does not restrict the authority of a hospital or a health care provider to provide services which it has been authorized to provide by state law.