Nebraska Revised Statute 71-7704

Chapter 71 Section 7704


Certificate of public advantage; notice; review; hearing; rules and regulations.

(1) Within five working days after receipt of an application for a certificate of public advantage, the department shall publish notice of the application through public channels and shall notify health care facilities providing similar services in the area affected by the proposal and any person who has requested such notice. The notice shall state that an application has been received, describe the proposal, and state the date by which a person may submit written comments about the application to the department.

(2) The department shall, within fifteen days after the date an application is received, determine if the application is complete for the purposes of review. The department may find that an application is incomplete when a question on the application form has not been answered in whole or in part or has been answered in a manner that does not fairly meet the question addressed or when the application does not include attachments of supporting documents necessary to complete the answer. If the department determines that an application is incomplete, it shall notify the applicant within fifteen days after the date the application was received, stating the reasons for its determination of incompleteness with reference to the particular questions for which a deficiency is noted.

(3) The department may, during the course of its review, hold a public meeting at which any person may introduce testimony and exhibits in connection with an application. The department decision to hold a public meeting shall be made within fifteen days after the department's dissemination of notice pursuant to subsection (1) of this section. The meeting shall be held no later than thirty days after the department's decision to hold a public meeting and upon five days' notice, not including days the application is deemed to be incomplete.

(4) The department shall review the application in accordance with the standards set forth in section 71-7706 and may hold a public hearing in accordance with rules and regulations of the department. Persons may intervene if any legal rights, duties, privileges, or other legal interests may be substantially affected by the application. The department may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for such intervention. The department shall consult with the Attorney General regarding his or her evaluation of any potential reduction in competition resulting from a cooperative agreement.


  • Laws 1994, LB 1223, § 114.