Nebraska Revised Statute 71-7460.04

Chapter 71 Section 7460.04


Clerk of county or district court; duty to report conviction or judgment; Attorney General or city or county prosecutor; provide information.

The clerk of any county or district court in this state shall report to the department the conviction of any person licensed by the department under the Wholesale Drug Distributor Licensing Act of any felony or of any misdemeanor involving the use, sale, distribution, administration, or dispensing of a controlled substance, alcohol or chemical impairment, or substance abuse and shall also report a judgment against any such licensee arising out of a claim of professional liability. The Attorney General or city or county prosecutor prosecuting any such criminal action and plaintiff in any such civil action shall provide the court with information concerning the license of the defendant or party. Notice to the department shall be filed within thirty days after the date of conviction or judgment in a manner agreed to by the Director of Public Health of the Division of Public Health and the State Court Administrator.