Nebraska Revised Statute 71-626

Chapter 71


Adoptive birth certificate; adoption decree; court; report of adoption; contents.

(1) For each adoption of a Nebraska-born or foreign-born person decreed by any court of this state, the court shall require the preparation of a report of adoption on a form prescribed and furnished by the department. The report shall (a) include the original name, date, and place of birth and the name of the parent or parents of such person; (b) provide information necessary to establish a new certificate of birth of the person adopted; (c) provide the name and address of the child placement agency, if any, which placed the child for adoption; and (d) identify the decree of adoption and be certified by the clerk of the court.

(2) Information in the possession of the petitioner necessary to prepare the report of adoption shall be furnished with the petition for adoption by each petitioner or his or her attorney. The social or welfare agency or other person concerned shall supply the court with such additional information in his or her possession as may be necessary to complete the report. The supplying of such information shall be a prerequisite to the issuance of a decree.

(3) Whenever an adoption decree is amended or set aside, the clerk of the court shall prepare a report thereof, which shall include such facts as are necessary to identify the original adoption report and the facts amended in the adoption decree as shall be necessary to properly amend the birth record.

(4) Not later than the tenth day after the decree has been entered, the clerk of such court shall forward the report to the department whenever an adoptive birth certificate is to be filed or has already been filed.


Cross References

  • For proceedings for adoption of children, see Chapter 43, article 1.