Nebraska Revised Statute 71-602

Chapter 71


Department; standard forms; release of information; confidentiality.

(1) The department shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations prescribing all standard forms for registering with or reporting to the department and for certification to the public of any birth, abortion, marriage, annulment, dissolution of marriage, or death registered in Nebraska. Such forms shall (a) provide for the registration of vital events as accurately as possible, (b) secure information about the economic, educational, occupational, and sociological backgrounds of the individuals involved in the registered events and their parents as a basis for statistical research in order to reduce morbidity and mortality and improve the quality of life, (c) accomplish such duties in a manner which will be uniform with forms for reporting similar events which have been established by the United States Public Health Service to the extent such forms are consistent with state law, and (d) permit other deviations from such forms as will reduce the costs of gathering information, increase efficiency, or protect the health and safety of the people of Nebraska without jeopardizing such uniformity.

(2) All information designated by the department on all certificates as being for health data and statistical research shall be confidential and may be released only to the United States Public Health Service or its successor, government health agencies, or a researcher as approved by the department in accordance with its rules and regulations. The department may publish analyses of any information received on the forms for scientific and public health purposes in such a manner as to assure that the identity of any individual cannot be ascertained. The release of such information pursuant to this section shall not make otherwise confidential information a public record.


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