Nebraska Revised Statute 71-4611

Chapter 71 Section 4611


Commission; powers and duties.

For purposes of carrying out the Uniform Standard Code for Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles, the commission may:

(1) Hold such hearings, take such testimony, act at such times and places, administer such oaths, and require, by subpoena or otherwise, the attendance and testimony of such witnesses and the production of such books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, contracts, agreements, or other records as the commission deems advisable. Witnesses summoned pursuant to this section shall be paid the same fees as are paid witnesses in the district courts of the state and mileage as provided in section 81-1176;

(2) Examine and copy any documentary evidence of any person having materials or information relevant to any function of the commission under the code;

(3) Require, by general or special orders, any person to file, in such form as the commission may prescribe, reports or answers in writing to specific questions relating to any function of the commission under the code. Such reports and answers shall be made under oath or otherwise and shall be filed with the commission within such reasonable period as the commission may prescribe; and

(4) Make available to the public any information which may indicate the existence of a failure to comply which relates to manufactured-home or recreational-vehicle construction or safety or of the failure of a manufactured home or recreational vehicle to comply with applicable standards. The commission shall disclose so much of other information obtained under this subdivision to the public as it determines will assist in carrying out the code, but it shall not under the authority of this subdivision make available or disclose to the public any information which contains or relates to a trade secret or any information the disclosure of which would put the person furnishing such information at a substantial competitive disadvantage, unless the commission determines that it is necessary to carry out the purposes of the code.


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