Nebraska Revised Statute 71-446

Chapter 71


License; temporary suspension or limitation; procedure; appeal.

(1) If the director determines that persons receiving care or treatment at a health care facility or by a health care service are in imminent danger of death or serious physical harm, he or she may temporarily suspend or temporarily limit the license of such facility or service and may order the immediate removal of such persons and the temporary closure of the facility or service pending further action by the department. The department shall also simultaneously institute proceedings for revocation, suspension, or limitation of the license. A hearing shall be held no later than ten days after the date of such temporary suspension or temporary limitation.

(2) A continuance of the hearing shall be granted by the department upon written request from the licensee. Such continuance shall not exceed thirty days. A temporary suspension or temporary limitation order by the director shall take effect when served upon the facility or service. A copy of the notice shall also be mailed to the holder of the license if the holder of such license is not actually involved in the daily operation of the facility or service. If the holder of the license is a corporation, a copy of the notice shall be sent to the corporation's registered agent.

(3) A temporary suspension or temporary limitation under this section shall not exceed ninety days. If a decision is not reached within that period, the temporary suspension or temporary limitation shall expire.

(4) Any person aggrieved by a decision of the department after a hearing as provided in this section may appeal under the Administrative Procedure Act.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.