Nebraska Revised Statute 71-4412

Chapter 71


Control of rabies; vaccination; enforcement; political subdivisions.

In the State of Nebraska, all laws, ordinances, codes, or rules and regulations concerning the control of rabies or the vaccination of domestic or hybrid animals against rabies shall be enforced by the county, township, city, and village health and law enforcement officials or those other officers with regulatory authority as specified by the governing political subdivisions.

Whenever a county, township, city, or village requires the licensure of domestic or hybrid animals, it may require that, before a license is issued for the possession or maintenance of any domestic or hybrid animal in any such county, township, city, or village, the owner or keeper of the domestic or hybrid animal shall furnish to the clerk of such political subdivision a certification that the domestic or hybrid animal has been vaccinated against rabies in accordance with sections 71-4401 to 71-4412.