Nebraska Revised Statute 71-4210

Chapter 71


Statewide stroke data registry; data collection and release; powers and duties.

(1) The department in conjunction with the stroke system of care task force shall establish and implement an improvement plan for a comprehensive stroke system for stroke response and treatment. The department shall:

(a) Maintain a statewide stroke data registry that utilizes the American Heart Association's Get with the Guidelines stroke data set or a data tool with equivalent data measures and with confidentiality standards consistent with federal and state law and other health information and data collection, storage, and sharing requirements of the department;

(b) Require comprehensive stroke centers, thrombectomy-capable stroke centers, and primary stroke centers, and encourage other hospitals and emergency medical services, to report data consistent with nationally recognized guidelines on the treatment of individuals with a suspected stroke and transient ischemic attack within the state;

(c) Encourage sharing of information and data among health care providers on ways to improve the quality of care for stroke patients within the state; and

(d) Facilitate the communication and analysis of health information and data among health care professionals who provide care for stroke patients.

(2) The department shall establish a data oversight process for stroke response and treatment. The department shall provide for (a) the analysis of data generated by the stroke registry on stroke response and treatment and (b) the identification of potential interventions to improve stroke care in geographic areas or regions of the state.

(3) All data and information developed or collected pursuant to the Stroke System of Care Act registry and the receipt and release of data from the Stroke System of Care Act registry is subject to and shall comply with sections 81-663 to 81-675. For purposes of the Stroke System of Care Act registry, data may be released as Class I data, Class II data, Class III data, or Class IV data as classified in section 81-667.