Nebraska Revised Statute 71-3501

Chapter 71


Public policy.

It is the policy of the State of Nebraska in furtherance of its responsibility to protect occupational and public health and safety and the environment:

(1) To institute and maintain a regulatory program for sources of radiation so as to provide for:

(a) Compatibility and equivalency with the standards and regulatory programs of the federal government;

(b) A single effective system of regulation within the state; and

(c) A system consonant insofar as possible with those of other states;

(2) To institute and maintain a program to permit development and utilization of sources of radiation for peaceful purposes consistent with the protection of occupational and public health and safety and the environment;

(3) To provide for the availability of capacity either within or outside the state for the management of low-level radioactive waste generated within the state, except for waste generated as a result of defense or federal research and development activities, and to recognize that such radioactive waste can be most safely and efficiently managed on a regional basis; and

(4) To maximize the protection practicable for the citizens of Nebraska from radon or its decay products by establishing requirements for (a) appropriate qualifications for persons providing measurement and mitigation services of radon or its decay products and (b) radon mitigation system installations.