Nebraska Revised Statute 71-3408

Chapter 71 Section 3408


Chairperson; team coordinator; duties.

(1) The chairperson of the team shall:

(a) Chair meetings of the team; and

(b) Ensure identification of strategies to prevent child or maternal deaths.

(2) The team coordinator provided under subsection (1) of section 71-3406 shall:

(a) Have the necessary information from investigative reports, medical records, coroner's reports, autopsy reports, educational records, and other relevant items made available to the team;

(b) Ensure timely notification of the team members of an upcoming meeting;

(c) Ensure that all team reporting and data-collection requirements are met;

(d) Oversee adherence to the review process established by the Child and Maternal Death Review Act; and

(e) Perform such other duties as the team deems appropriate.