Nebraska Revised Statute 71-3410

Chapter 71 Section 3410


Provision of information and records; subpoenas.

(1) Upon request, the team shall be immediately provided:

(a) Information and records maintained by a provider of medical, dental, prenatal, and mental health care, including medical reports, autopsy reports, and emergency and paramedic records; and

(b) All information and records maintained by any agency of state, county, or local government, any other political subdivision, any school district, or any public or private educational institution, including, but not limited to, birth and death certificates, law enforcement investigative data and reports, coroner investigative data and reports, educational records, parole and probation information and records, and information and records of any social services agency that provided services to the child, the pregnant or postpartum woman, or the family of the child or woman.

(2) The Department of Health and Human Services shall have the authority to issue subpoenas to compel production of any of the records and information specified in subdivisions (1)(a) and (b) of this section, except records and information on any child or maternal death under active investigation by a law enforcement agency or which is at the time the subject of a criminal prosecution, and shall provide such records and information to the team.