Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1208

Chapter 71


Hearing; mental health board; duties.

A hearing shall be held by the mental health board to determine whether there is clear and convincing evidence that the subject is a dangerous sex offender as alleged in the petition. At the commencement of the hearing, the board shall inquire whether the subject has received a copy of the petition and list of rights accorded him or her by sections 71-943 to 71-960 and whether he or she has read and understood them. The board shall explain to the subject any part of the petition or list of rights which he or she has not read or understood. The board shall inquire of the subject whether he or she admits or denies the allegations of the petition. If the subject admits the allegations, the board shall proceed to enter a treatment order pursuant to section 71-1209. If the subject denies the allegations of the petition, the board shall proceed with a hearing on the merits of the petition.