Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1119

Chapter 71


Emergency custody; application; court order; evaluation by department.

(1) The petitioner may apply to the court to have the subject taken into emergency custody and held pending a hearing on the petition and disposition pursuant to sections 71-1122 to 71-1126. The application for emergency custody shall be supported by affidavit or sworn testimony which establishes probable cause to believe that (a) the subject is eighteen years of age or older or will become eighteen years of age within ninety days after the date of filing the application, (b) the subject is a person with a developmental disability, (c) the subject poses a threat of harm to others, and (d) if the application is not granted, substantial harm to others is likely to occur before a trial and disposition of the matter can be completed.

(2) If the court concludes that there is probable cause to grant the application pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the court may issue an ex parte order granting the application. The department shall provide a recommendation of an appropriate treatment program for the subject which has available space and is willing to hold the subject in emergency custody. The court shall direct the sheriff or any other peace officer to take the subject into emergency custody and deliver him or her to the program ordered by the court to be held pending further hearing and order of the court. The order shall establish terms and conditions of the emergency placement as appropriate under the Developmental Disabilities Court-Ordered Custody Act. The department shall evaluate the subject within seven days after the date the application is granted to determine if the subject is a person with one or more developmental disabilities and poses a threat of harm to others. The results of the evaluation shall be provided to the court and all parties.