Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1118

Chapter 71


Subject; rights.

A subject has the following rights pursuant to the Developmental Disabilities Court-Ordered Custody Act:

(1) The right to be represented by legal counsel and to have counsel appointed if the subject cannot afford to pay the cost of counsel;

(2) The right to have a guardian ad litem appointed to act on the subject's behalf if the court determines that he or she is unable to assist in his or her own defense;

(3) The right to have a timely hearing on the merits of the petition before a district court judge;

(4) The right to have reasonable continuances, for good cause shown, in order to properly prepare for a hearing on the petition;

(5) The right to testify, subpoena witnesses, require testimony before the court, and offer evidence;

(6) The right to confront and cross-examine witnesses;

(7) The right to have an expert witness of the subject's own choice evaluate the subject, testify, and provide recommendations to the court and to have such expert paid for by the county if the subject cannot afford the costs of such expert; and

(8) The right to have a transcript prepared for the purpose of an appeal, to appeal a final decision of the court, and to have the costs of such transcript and appeal paid by the county if the subject cannot afford such costs.