Nebraska Revised Statute 70-625

Chapter 70


Public power district; powers; restrictions.

(1) Subject to the limitations of the petition for its creation and all amendments to such petition, a public power district has all the usual powers of a corporation for public purposes and may purchase, hold, sell, and lease personal property and real property reasonably necessary for the conduct of its business. No district may sell household appliances at retail if the retail price of any such appliance exceeds fifty dollars, except that newly developed electrical appliances may be merchandised and sold during the period of time in which any such appliances are being introduced to the public. New models of existing appliances shall not be deemed to be newly developed appliances. An electrical appliance shall be considered to be in such introductory period of time until the particular type of appliance is used by twenty-five percent of all the electrical customers served by such district, but such period shall in no event exceed five years from the date of introduction by the manufacturer of the new appliance to the local market.

(2) In addition to its powers authorized by Chapter 70 and specified in its petition for creation, as amended, a public power district may sell, lease, and service satellite television signal descrambling or decoding devices, satellite television programming, and equipment and services associated with such devices and programming, except that this section does not authorize public power districts (a) to provide signal descrambling or decoding devices or satellite programming to any location (i) being furnished such devices or programming on April 24, 1987, or (ii) where community antenna television service is available from any person, firm, or corporation holding a franchise pursuant to sections 18-2201 to 18-2206 or a permit pursuant to sections 23-383 to 23-388 on April 24, 1987, or (b) to sell, service, or lease C-band satellite dish systems or repair parts.

(3) In addition to the powers authorized by Chapter 70 and specified in its petition for creation as amended, the board of directors of a public power district may apply for and use funds available from the United States Department of Agriculture or other federal agencies for grants or loans to promote economic development and job creation projects in rural areas as permitted under the rules and regulations of the federal agency from which the funds are received. Any loan to be made by a district shall only be made in participation with a bank pursuant to a contract. The district and the participating bank shall determine the terms and conditions of the contract. In addition, in rural areas of the district, the board of directors of such district may provide technical or management assistance to prospective, new, or expanding businesses, including home-based businesses, provide assistance to a local or regional industrial or economic development corporation or foundation located within or contiguous to the district's service area, and provide youth and adult community leadership training.

(4) In addition to the powers authorized by Chapter 70 and specified in its petition for creation as amended, a public power district may sell or lease its dark fiber pursuant to sections 86-574 to 86-578.

(5) Notwithstanding any law, ordinance, resolution, or regulation of any political subdivision to the contrary, each public power district may receive funds and extend loans pursuant to the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority Act or pursuant to this section. In addition to the powers authorized by Chapter 70 and specified in its petition for creation, as amended, and without the need for further amendment thereto, a public power district may own and operate, contract to operate, or lease energy equipment and provide billing, meter reading, surveys, or evaluations and other administrative services, but not to include natural gas services, of public utility systems within a district's service territory.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Investment Finance Authority Act, see section 58-201.


  • It was intended to permit the business of a power district to be operated in a successful and profitable manner. City of O'Neill v. Consumers P. P. Dist., 179 Neb. 773, 140 N.W.2d 644 (1966).

  • The Legislature gave to a public power district all the usual powers of a corporation organized for a public purpose. York County Rural P. P. Dist. v. O'Connor, 172 Neb. 602, 111 N.W.2d 376 (1961).

  • Powers granted by this section are subject to limitations of petition for creation of district. Schroll v. City of Beatrice, 169 Neb. 162, 98 N.W.2d 790 (1959).

  • Legislature gave to power districts all the usual powers of a corporation organized for public purposes. United Community Services v. Omaha Nat. Bank, 162 Neb. 786, 77 N.W.2d 576 (1956).

  • District can purchase or otherwise acquire, own and sell the full interest in either real or personal property. Burnett v. Central Neb. P. P. & I. Dist., 147 Neb. 458, 23 N.W.2d 661 (1946).

  • Powers of purchase are conferred, and are not confined to any specific statutory method or manner of their exercise. State ex rel. Johnson v. Consumers Public Power Dist., 143 Neb. 753, 10 N.W.2d 784 (1943).

  • A public power district which purchases and retains equipment essential to its operation is liable for the reasonable value of such equipment, if such district was clothed with power to purchase such property, even though the contract is unenforceable because the power was irregularly exercised. Sorensen v. Chimney Rock Public Power Dist., 138 Neb. 350, 293 N.W. 121 (1940).