Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2206

Chapter 18


Rate increase; approval; procedure.

(1) Approval of a rate increase for a person or entity furnishing community antenna television service shall be required and shall be made by the council or board of trustees which granted the franchise to such person or entity. Such approval shall be made by ordinance or resolution.

(2) Prior to voting on a rate increase the council or board of trustees shall hold at least two public meetings at which the ratepayers and the franchisee may comment on the programming content and rates of such franchisee.

(3) At least thirty days prior to the first public meeting held to examine programming content and rates, each ratepayer or subscriber shall be notified by a billing statement or other written notice when and where such public meeting shall be held. Such notice shall also provide information as to what rates are proposed by the franchisee for consideration by the council or board of trustees.


  • Laws 1979, LB 495, § 2.