Nebraska Revised Statute 70-1610

Chapter 70


Conference; employee; duties.

Upon notice to the employee designated by the utility of any request for a conference by a domestic subscriber, the employee shall:

(1) Notify the domestic subscriber, in writing, of the time, place, and date scheduled for the conference; and

(2) Hold a conference within fourteen days of the receipt of the domestic subscriber's request. Such conference shall be informal and not governed by the Nebraska Evidence Rules. If the employee determines at the conference that the domestic subscriber did not receive proper notice or was denied any other right afforded under sections 70-1605 to 70-1615, the employee shall recess and continue the conference at such time as the subscriber has been afforded his or her rights. Failure of a domestic subscriber to attend a scheduled conference shall relieve the utility of any further action prior to the discontinuance of service. If a domestic subscriber contacts the utility prior to the scheduled conference and demonstrates that failure to attend is for a legitimate reason, the utility shall make a reasonable effort to reschedule the conference.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Evidence Rules, see section 27-1103.