Nebraska Revised Statute 70-1605

Chapter 70


Discontinuance of service; notice; procedure; limitation on fees.

No public or private utility company, other than a municipal utility owned and operated by a village, furnishing water, natural gas, or electricity at retail in this state shall discontinue service to any domestic subscriber for nonpayment of any past-due account unless the utility company first gives notice to any subscriber whose service is proposed to be terminated. Such notice shall be given in person, by first-class mail, or by electronic delivery, except that electronic delivery shall only be used if the subscriber has specifically elected to receive such notices by electronic delivery. If notice is given by first-class mail or electronic delivery, such notice shall be conspicuously marked as to its importance. Service shall not be discontinued for at least seven days after notice is sent or given. Holidays and weekends shall be excluded from the seven days. A public or private utility company shall not charge a fee for the discontinuance or reconnection of utility service that exceeds the reasonable costs of providing such service.