Nebraska Revised Statute 70-1329

Chapter 70


Wholesale purchaser; failure or refusal to make payment; supplier; remedies.

If a purchaser fails or refuses to make payment to the supplier as required by sections 70-1301 to 70-1329, the supplier may, after a charge remains unpaid thirty days after the due date, file suit in the district court in which the supplier or purchaser resides for a writ of mandamus to compel payment of the disputed amount, plus interest, pursuant to sections 70-1301 to 70-1329. If the court issues a writ of mandamus and the purchaser gives the written notice of disputed issues as required by section 70-1304 the matter shall proceed to arbitration as provided by sections 70-1301 to 70-1329. If the court declines to issue a writ of mandamus, it shall nevertheless retain jurisdiction of the matter for the purpose of determining the amount due to the supplier.