Nebraska Revised Statute 69-2710

Chapter 69


Removal from directory; procedure.

(1) Before any tobacco product manufacturer may be removed from the directory, the Tax Commissioner shall provide the tobacco product manufacturer thirty days' notice of the intended action and shall post the notice in the directory. The tobacco product manufacturer shall have thirty days to come into compliance with sections 69-2703 to 69-2711 or, in the alternative, secure a temporary injunction against removal in the district court of Lancaster County. For purposes of the temporary injunction sought pursuant to this subsection, loss of the ability to sell tobacco products as a result of removal from the directory shall constitute irreparable harm. If after thirty days the tobacco product manufacturer remains in noncompliance and has not obtained a temporary injunction pursuant to this subsection, the tobacco product manufacturer shall be removed from the directory.

(2) If the Tax Commissioner determines that a tobacco product manufacturer shall not be included in the directory, such manufacturer may request a contested case before the Tax Commissioner under the Administrative Procedure Act. The Tax Commissioner shall notify the tobacco product manufacturer in writing of the determination not to include it in the directory. A request for hearing shall be made within thirty calendar days after the date of the determination that the manufacturer shall not be included in the directory and shall contain the evidence supporting the manufacturer's compliance with sections 69-2703 to 69-2711. The hearing shall be held within sixty days after the request. At the hearing, the Tax Commissioner shall determine whether the tobacco product manufacturer is in compliance with sections 69-2703 to 69-2711 and whether the manufacturer should be listed in the directory. A final decision shall be rendered within thirty days after the hearing. Any decision of the Tax Commissioner may be appealed. The appeal shall be in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.