Nebraska Revised Statute 68-927

Chapter 68


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 68-926 to 68-933:

(1) Coordinate benefits means:

(a) Provide to the department information regarding the licensed insurer's or self-funded insurer's existing coverage for an individual who is eligible for a state benefit program; and

(b) Meet payment obligations;

(2) Coverage information means health information possessed by a licensed insurer or self-funded insurer that is limited to the following information about an individual:

(a) Eligibility for coverage under a health plan;

(b) Coverage of health care under the health plan; or

(c) Benefits and payments associated with the health plan;

(3) Health plan means any policy of insurance issued by a licensed insurer or any employee benefit plan offered by a self-funded insurer that provides for payment to or on behalf of an individual as a result of an illness, disability, or injury or change in a health condition;

(4) Individual means a person covered by a state benefit program, including the medical assistance program, or a person applying for such coverage;

(5) Licensed insurer means any insurer, except a self-funded insurer, including a fraternal benefit society, producer, or other person licensed or required to be licensed, authorized or required to be authorized, or registered or required to be registered pursuant to the insurance laws of the state; and

(6) Self-funded insurer means any employer or union who or which provides a self-funded employee benefit plan.