Nebraska Revised Statute 68-1726

Chapter 68


Assistance under act; eligibility factors.

Based on the comprehensive assets assessment, each individual and family receiving assistance under the Welfare Reform Act shall reach for his or her highest level of economic self-sufficiency or the family's highest level of economic self-sufficiency. The following eligibility factors shall apply:

(1) Financial resources, excluding the primary home and furnishings and the primary automobile, shall not exceed four thousand dollars in value for a single individual and six thousand dollars in value for two or more individuals;

(2) Available resources, including, but not limited to, savings accounts and real estate, shall be used in determining financial resources, except that income and assets described in sections 68-1201 and 68-1713 shall not be included in determination of available resources under this section;

(3) Income received by family members, except income earned by children attending school and except as provided in section 68-1201, shall be considered in determining total family income. Income earned by an individual or a family by working shall be treated differently than unearned income in determining the amount of cash assistance as follows:

(a) Earned income shall be counted in determining the level of cash assistance after disregarding an amount of earned income as follows:

(i) Twenty percent of gross earned income shall be disregarded to test for eligibility during the application process for aid to dependent children assistance; and

(ii) For aid to dependent children program participants and for applicants after eligibility has been established, fifty percent of the gross earned income shall be disregarded;

(b) Financial assistance provided by other programs that support the transition to economic self-sufficiency shall be considered to the extent the payments are intended to provide for life's necessities; and

(c) Financial assistance or those portions of it intended for books, tuition, or other self-sufficiency-related expenses shall not be counted in determining financial resources. Such assistance shall include, but not be limited to, school grants, scholarships, vocational rehabilitation payments, Job Training Partnership Act payments, income or assets described in section 68-1201, and education-related loans or other loans that are expected to be repaid; and

(4) Individuals and families shall pursue potential sources of economic support, including, but not limited to, unemployment compensation and child support.