Nebraska Revised Statute 67-443

Chapter 67


Statement of dissolution.

(1) After dissolution, a partner who has not wrongfully dissociated may file a statement of dissolution stating the name of the partnership and that the partnership has dissolved and is winding up its business.

(2) A statement of dissolution cancels a filed statement of partnership authority for the purposes of subsection (4) of section 67-415 and is a limitation on authority for the purposes of subsection (5) of section 67-415.

(3) For the purposes of sections 67-413 and 67-442, a person not a partner is deemed to have notice of the dissolution and the limitation on the partners' authority as a result of the statement of dissolution ninety days after it is filed.

(4) After filing and, if appropriate, recording a statement of dissolution, a dissolved partnership may file and, if appropriate, record a statement of partnership authority which will operate with respect to a person not a partner as provided in subsections (4) and (5) of section 67-415 in any transaction, whether or not the transaction is appropriate for winding up the partnership business.


  • Laws 1997, LB 523, § 43.