Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1864

Chapter 66


Enlargement or extension of area; records; open to public; use.

All books, records, vouchers, papers, contracts, engineering designs, and any other data of the metropolitan utilities district relating to the public interest of an extension or enlargement of natural gas mains or natural gas services or relating to natural gas service areas, whether in written or electronic form, shall be open and made available for public inspection, investigation, comment, or protest upon reasonable request during business hours, except that such books, records, vouchers, papers, contracts, designs, and other data shall be subject to section 84-712.05. Any books, records, vouchers, papers, contracts, designs, or other data not made available to the metropolitan utilities district or jurisdictional utility with regard to a proceeding before the commission regarding matters arising pursuant to sections 66-1858 to 66-1864 shall not be considered by the commission in determining whether an enlargement or extension is in the public interest.