Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1620

Chapter 66


Council; implement act; use of funds.

The council shall develop programs and projects and enter into contracts or agreements for implementing the Propane Education and Research Act, including, but not limited to, programs to enhance consumer and employee safety and training, programs to provide research and development to improve existing propane technology, programs to increase efficiency of propane use, and any other programs to educate the public about the environmental and safety aspects of propane. At least seventy percent of the funds collected pursuant to section 66-1621 shall be used for education or for improvement of propane utilization safety equipment technology. No funds shall be used for the sole purpose of advertising propane or propane utilization equipment. Safety issues shall receive first priority in the development of all programs and projects funded by the council. The council shall provide for the payment of the costs for the programs and projects with funds collected pursuant to such section and shall coordinate its activities with qualified industry organizations to provide efficient delivery of services and to avoid unnecessary costs or duplication of activities.


  • Laws 1998, LB 699, § 20.