Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1619

Chapter 66


Council; powers and duties; rules and regulations.

(1) The council shall provide rules and regulations to carry out its responsibilities under the Propane Education and Research Act.

(2) The council may enter into contracts with, use facilities and equipment of, or employ the personnel of a qualified industry organization in carrying out the council's responsibilities under the act.

(3) The council shall protect the handling of council funds through fidelity bonds.

(4) The administrative costs of operating the council shall not exceed twenty percent of the funds collected pursuant to section 66-1621 in any fiscal year.

(5) The council shall operate in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

(6) At the beginning of each fiscal year, the council shall prepare a budget plan which includes the estimated costs of all programs, projects, and contracts. The council shall provide an opportunity for public comment on the budget. The council shall prepare and make available to the public an annual report detailing the activities of the council in the previous year, those planned for the coming year, and the costs related to the activities.

(7) The council shall keep minutes, books, and records that clearly reflect all of the acts and transactions of the council. The books of the council shall be audited by a certified public accountant at least once each fiscal year and at such other times as the council may designate. Copies of the audit shall be provided to the executive director, if one is appointed by the council, to all members of the council, to the Clerk of the Legislature, and to any other member of the industry upon request.

(8) The council shall issue notice of meetings and shall require reports on the activities of the committees and subcommittees and on compliance, violations, and complaints regarding the implementation of the Propane Education and Research Act.


Cross References

  • Open Meetings Act, see section 84-1407.