Nebraska Revised Statute 66-1406

Chapter 66


Agreements; provisions.

An agreement may provide for:

(1) Defining the classes of motor vehicles upon which the motor fuel taxes are to be collected under the agreement;

(2) Establishing methods for motor fuel tax licensing, license revocation, and tax collection for motor carriers by the base state on behalf of itself and all other states which are parties to the agreement;

(3) Establishing procedures for the granting of credits or refunds;

(4) Defining conditions and criteria relative to bonding requirements including criteria for exemption from bonding;

(5) Establishing tax reporting periods and tax report due dates not to exceed one calendar month after the close of the reporting period;

(6) Providing for a penalty at a rate of fifty dollars for each reporting period or ten percent of the delinquent tax whichever is greater for failure to file a report, for filing a late report, or for filing an underpayment of taxes due;

(7) Interest on all delinquent taxes at a rate set by the base state;

(8) Establishing procedures for forwarding of motor fuel taxes, penalties, and interest collected on behalf of another state to that state;

(9) Record-keeping requirements for licensees; and

(10) Any additional provisions which will facilitate the administration of the agreement.


Cross References

  • Conducting activities without a license, penalty, see section 66-727.