Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,144

Chapter 60


Restrictions on use of controlled-access highway.

Use of a freeway and entry thereon by the following shall be prohibited at all times except by permit from the Department of Transportation or from the local authority in the case of freeways not under the jurisdiction of the department:

(1) Pedestrians except in areas specifically designated for that purpose;

(2) Hitchhikers or walkers;

(3) Vehicles not self-propelled;

(4) Bicycles, motor-driven cycles, motor scooters not having motors of more than ten horsepower, and electric personal assistive mobility devices;

(5) Animals led, driven on the hoof, ridden, or drawing a vehicle;

(6) Funeral processions;

(7) Parades or demonstrations;

(8) Vehicles, except emergency vehicles, unable to maintain minimum speed as provided in the Nebraska Rules of the Road;

(9) Construction equipment;

(10) Implements of husbandry, whether self-propelled or towed, except as provided in section 60-6,383;

(11) Vehicles with improperly secured attachments or loads;

(12) Vehicles in tow, when the connection consists of a chain, rope, or cable, except disabled vehicles which shall be removed from such freeway at the nearest interchange;

(13) Vehicles with deflated pneumatic, metal, or solid tires or continuous metal treads except maintenance vehicles;

(14) Any person standing on or near a roadway for the purpose of soliciting or selling to an occupant of any vehicle; or

(15) Overdimensional vehicles.