Nebraska Revised Statute 60-528

Chapter 60


Proof of financial responsibility; proof; enumerated; copy provided.

Proof of financial responsibility shall be furnished for each motor vehicle registered by any person required to give such proof by filing:

(1) A certificate of insurance as provided in section 60-529 or 60-531;

(2) A bond as provided in sections 60-547 and 60-548;

(3) A certificate of deposit of money or securities as provided in section 60-549; or

(4) A certificate of self-insurance as provided in sections 60-562 to 60-564.

The department shall issue to any person providing the proof of financial responsibility a copy of any filing described in subdivision (2), (3), or (4) of this section with the department's seal affixed to the copy.


  • An endorsement which is not misleading, ambiguous, or conflicting, which amends an omnibus clause in an uncertified automobile liability insurance policy by limiting the application of the omnibus clause to use of the automobile by a person over the age of twenty-five years, except for the insured or any resident of his household, is not proscribed by statute, nor is it against public policy. Equity Mut. Ins. Co. v. Allstate Ins. Co., 190 Neb. 515, 209 N.W.2d 592 (1973).