Nebraska Revised Statute 60-465

Chapter 60


Commercial motor vehicle, defined.

(1) Commercial motor vehicle means a motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles used in commerce to transport passengers or property if the motor vehicle:

(a) Has a gross combination weight rating or gross combination weight of eleven thousand seven hundred ninety-four kilograms or more (twenty-six thousand one pounds or more) inclusive of a towed unit with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of more than four thousand five hundred thirty-six kilograms (ten thousand pounds);

(b) Has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of eleven thousand seven hundred ninety-four or more kilograms (twenty-six thousand one pounds or more);

(c) Is designed to transport sixteen or more passengers, including the driver; or

(d) Is of any size and is used in the transportation of materials found to be hazardous for the purposes of the federal Hazardous Materials Transportation Act and which require the motor vehicle to be placarded under 49 C.F.R. part 172, subpart F.

(2) Commercial motor vehicle does not include:

(a) A covered farm vehicle;

(b) Any recreational vehicle as defined in section 60-347 or motor vehicle towing a cabin trailer as defined in sections 60-314 and 60-339;

(c) Any emergency vehicle necessary to the preservation of life or property or the execution of emergency governmental functions which is equipped with audible and visual signals and operated by a public or volunteer fire department; or

(d) Any motor vehicle owned or operated by the United States Department of Defense or Nebraska National Guard when such motor vehicle is driven by persons identified in section 60-4,131.01.


  • Under the definition in the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act, a power unit and hay grinder constitute a commercial motor vehicle. State v. Neisius, 293 Neb. 503, 881 N.W.2d 572 (2016).